August 16th & 17th Weekend Dinner Specials

Soup Du Jour cup – $2.95 bowl – $3.95
Deb’s Seafood Chowder- $4.95, bowl – $5.95

Greek Stuffed Portabella w/feta, tomato, artichoke hearts, olives $6.95
Spicy Fried Green Beans w/Tzichi Sauce $6.95
Hand Rolled Chicken Croquet Bites w/chicken gravy $7.95

(Served with Vegetable, Potato and Salad)
Prime Rib Queen Cut – $20.95, King Cut – $23.95
Mildly Spicy Dry Rubbed BBQ Chicken $16.95
Steak Pizzaiola w/ Tortellini (sautéed peppers & onions in marinara w/mozzarella $15.95
Crab Clusters (1lb) $18.95

Potatoes: Scalloped Potato, Baked, Mashed, or FF.
Vegetable: Snap Peas, Coleslaw or Applesauce
Desserts: APPLE CRISP, Walnut Brownie Sundae, Walnut Blonde Brownie Sundae, Pecan Pie, Carrot Cake, Lemon Bar, Caramel Apple Ice Cream, & Vanilla Ice Cream